Classic car value and original cars

Classic car value is directly reflected by the demand and supply for it and then whether or not a car is in original unrestored or restored condition.

Original unrestored condition

Should you find a very rare classic car which is in original unrestored tip top condition you have found an uncut diamond. All you have to do now is buy it at the right price and proceed to do some faceting.

The demand will be high because of it’s rarity and obviously this classic car value will convert to a higher selling price.

By checking out online car value comparisons you can see where some particular unrestored original and unique classic cars have commanded a price much higher than the recommended valuers price.

Where do you find them now?

Original restored condition

Then there are the original classic cars which have been restored either by way of a fresh paint job or an interior rebuild or both. However, the car still remains as close to original as possible.

Depending on the quality of the work done on the car it may still look almost as original and in fact be quite hard to pick that a restoration has been done.

Chevrolet Sedan
This Chevrolet has been restored as the restoration board leaning on the mudguard shows how the car was before and parts of the restoration work. It certainly looks original, and probably the only way to make a quick judgement is that everything looks new.

An original car of this age will not look as new everywhere, except in very exceptional circumstances. Such as an original 1000 mile car which has been shedded since new and looked after like a new baby.

Increasing your classic car value

There are many things you can do to increase the value of your classic, which are mainly cosmetic. Bolts and nuts can be loosened, taken out and brushed with a wire brush, oiled and then wiped down and refitted with new washers.

While this is being done the parts which they are holding together can be brushed or rubbed down also. Bumper bar brackets can be removed and repainted.

The engine bay and underneath of the car can be detailed. The list is endless but at the end of the day you will have a very sharp looking car. Not just to look at on the outside but everywhere you look around the car also.

Here is the engine bay of the Black Charger on the Classic Car Restorer home page

Black Charger engine bay
You can see that the paint appears to be touched up and also the engine has been painted and detailed very nicely. This makes this engine bay look very nice as well as remaining original. All of this detailing will increase this classic car value in leaps and bounds.

Interior Retrimming

Keep working and detailing it until you are happy with the results. This is why interior retrimming work which we conduct is done very particularly and painstakingly to achieve the best result. If a piece is not right it comes back off and is done again until it comes up to scratch.

Original Accessories

Keep adding some high quality original period accessories when you find them. Or you could advertise for certain parts in newsletters or on this site. Things like original mudflaps or mirrors all add to the cars appeal.

Feel free to contact us anytime at all.


What you see in a restored car depends on how much effort and money the owner is prepared to put into it.

An unrestored car displays the attention that it has had over the years, such as a lock up garage, regular services, runs, and detailing.

The classic car value is directly linked to this attention to detail. Also an original registration plate is a must.

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