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The ebay classic cars centre advertises classic cars for sale and allows many people to buy and sell old time vehicles either as a hobby or as a trader.

Classic cars information - by Bob Welcome


Sometimes a hobby leads to a business career which involves doing something that a person is very passionate about.

There are many social activities surrounding the old vehicle movement, and this creates very interesting events, such as yearly swap meets, boot sales, shows and rallies.

Find your dream

You can browse on ebay classic cars and find almost any vehicle that you want. Check out the collector car makes and models or by era. The car makes range from an Alfa Romeo to a Willy’s.

What is there now

A quick look through the Ford other models link reveals a number of cars froma four door Customline to roadsters, coupes, convertibles and pickups.

If you do not find exactly what you have in mind you may get the next best thing anyhow.

Looking for an XW Falcon Sedan

A quick check as at March 2006 did not reveal an XW Falcon as being for sale under Ford Falcon, however they come up from time to time. You just have to keep looking.

Here is a photo of a nice XW Ford Falcon Sedan.

This car was locally restored some time ago now. Please contact us if you have a nice classic car for sale as we are searching for a few more to add to our classic car for sale page. Searching for ebay classic cars certainly produces many classic cars for sale. It almost gets to the point where you cannot make up your mind.

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We hope you find the car you desire as easily as possible. Don’t forget to send in a photo with a little story attached.

Yours in classy classics,



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