A holden ute body restoration.

Every now and then you will see a very nicely restored holden ute. Some restorations consist of an exterior repaint, the engine bay and some seat retrimming.

There is a general way of restoring a holden ute, but sometimes you will run into a total restoration as follows.

Restorer : Greg Lacy (Father)Owner : Matthew Lacy (Son)

HJ Holden utility 1976


This is a photo of the car before the restoration began. Just an average looking ute which you can see almost anywhere.

Like any old car there was a certain amount of rust to remove and some extra panels were collected to complete the project. As you can see from the photo on the right hand side Greg, was able to go out and find other bits and pieces quite easily.



Body work on the passenger side included removing the outer sill, welding and plating the front door pillar and rust work along to the wheel arch, and the bottom of the rear guard.

The drivers side is much the same, with an extensive amount of cutting and welding in of new metal. Panel damage behind the back of the door opening required some filler. Note the sturdy milk crates.

Always remember to make sure that the body has not sagged before you weld in the outer sills. Once you get the car stripped down and up on blocks it’s a lot easier to clean it off properly to get a nice finish.



Here’s the passenger side with the outer sill fitted and most body work filed and sanded. Also note how Greg has taken some space from the back and increased the area behind the seat.

The rear cab panel which comes down on an angle, has been cut a little way from the top and removed completely.

Greg has then supported the area with some vertical square hollow section cross braces and then fitted some flat sheet steel over them. Looks like a very professional finish to me.

Some of the original rear flooring is now in the cab and has made room for speakers. What do you think?



Here’s a finished rear view shot. It probably still looks the same from a distance.

But when you get up close the vertical position of this panel is more noticeable.

Here’s the mudguards (Australia) or wings (England) with a coat of nice bright yellow.



Here is a shot of the guards from the other side. They are starting to look nice now.

And now a photo of the whole cab in yellow from the passenger side.

You better get your sunnies out.



Another view from the front to give you an idea of the look of the whole hj holden ute.

Here is a shot from the rear also. It’s not clear whether the hole is for an esky or a spare tyre.

Will check further on this one.



Now this is a good part of the hj holden ute restoration with the running gear back under and motor and brakes fitted.

Greg has almost broken into a gallop at this stage.

Adding the finishing touches. Yes, there was a lot of work fitting everything to get to this point.



And a view with the drivers door open to display the color coded door trims.

The hood lining has also been renewed in black vinyl and looks the part as well. The seats remain original at this stage.

A nice under bonnet view for enthusiasts to check out.



Now a more current photo of the holden ute with nice spoke mags fitted.


We have other photos of the hood lining and the whole car to add at a later date, and hope that these restoration photos from start to finish have been interesting for you and may help you with your own hj holden ute rebuild.

Beef Week 2006 - Rockhampton - Ute Muster

Category:- Pre 1985 Restored

Greg and Matthew were surprised when the ute was judged as "best restored ute" in the abovementioned category.

Congratulations to them.

All the hard work has paid off.

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