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Porsche seat and parts information by Bob Welcome

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At Hardt Classic Porsches ebay store you can presently findporsche bucket seatslights, guards, starter buttons and front control arm assemblies.

Following on from the Porsche interior restoration page, we can now look at the squaring off lines on the top of the bucket seat.

You can see the 45 degree angle lines drawn in here and the right hand side one has been changed a little. The first line is not always right and after checking by squaring off, the errors pop up. Notice the red line down the piping line on the outside of the seat below.

When laying the finished cover on the seat it is easier to see where to mark it when it meets the red line. The base part of the bucket is already made and can be seen to the left of the back part.


The next photo is a little hazy but you can see the lines drawn in here to work out as exactly as possible where the 45 degree angle lines start and stop.

There are not always clear join or piping marks on the foam seat to follow when making up the new pieces. Hence, the red blueprint drawings. Also, sometimes the original patterns were not as spot on as they should be and this is overcome when making up the new ones.


From this point on there are not a lot more photos apart from the finished product.

Once the vinyl pieces are all sewn together, that is the top and both sides of each back/top of seat, the trimmed insert can then be laid onto it, (centre to centre of course) and then sewn from the centre both ways to cover about 70 percent of the width of the insert.

When sewing this insert piece to the vinyl section, you need to go in a little way (up onto the vinyl as it is the expendable part) to make sure that the insert is covered totally on the edges by vinyl. After sewing in the centre insert piece to the vinyl then you gauge where to cut out the inside of the vinyl piece.

Once this is done, then the sewing can commence from where you left off and sew all around and down the side of the insert. Then if you have done it right it should lay on top of the seat top and have an excess hanging over both sides and the top.

Always use your centre lines.

Then the excess should be trimmed to the red exterior line and when right the piping is added. Next step is to cut the back piece out and sew to the trimmed front piece. Sounds easy alright.

After some measuring and adjustments at the bottom it is ready to fit.

We need a workshop process to describe everything, but I am giving you a lot of the basic steps and ideas from one part to the next.

Porsche bucket seats

Here is a close up of both finished buckets. The small crease marks up near the 45 degree angle lines are brought on by the half inch foam underlay under the back faces. However, the foam backing gives the seats a much nicer and “fuller” look. A trade off.

Porsche interior restorations -bucket seats

The finished off pair of Porsche bucket seats from the front.


Another angle to show you the shape of the side of the seats.

And another one from the right side.

They finished up looking quite sharp. Wouldn’t mind them in one of my classics.

You are welcome to contact us about classic cars anytime you like.

And so ends this particular Porsche bucket seats interior restoration project.

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